We just love gelato & sorbetto!

Welcome to Gelissimo Gelato, the home of handmade premium gelato. Our Gelateria produces wonderful and creative flavours every day using some of the best ingredients this country has to offer. 

In August 2010 the business was purchased by me, Graham Joe, a true Wellingtonian (& Hutt-boy) and a passionate foodie. Driven by a desire to create gelato using the fantastic produce our country has to offer, I set about rebuilding Gelissimo’s vision, philosophy and approach.

In 2011 NZ Ice Cream Awards Gelissimo won 2 Gold Medals, and 1 Silver Medal in their first ever event. Since then Gelissimo has continued this success to become one of the most awarded gelateria´s in the country.

At our Gelateria on Wellington’s Waterfront, the small team share their passion for gelato with all. Every visitor, big or small, retail or wholesale is welcomed to the Gelissimo family.

We produce and sell all our own gelato and we cater for many dietary needs and preferences. Over the past 10 years we have created and made over 300 flavours, many of these on special request, and many of these have become firm favourites with Wellingtonians and visitors alike. Flavours are rotated on a seasonal and celebratory basis in our 2 stores - there's always something new.


Our small, handmade batches of gelato allow us to produce high quality boutique gelato & sorbet tailored for small businesses, events, restaurants and cafes. 



80%+ fresh organic whole milk:
We chose organic and we chose fresh! Every batch of gelato is made using 80% fresh organic milk. This gives Gelissimo a superior creamy quality compared with other methods using larger amounts of dry milk powders.

Our continuous search for the best ingredients:
For our sorbetto, we’re constantly seeking suppliers that can provide us the most flavoursome ingredients, be it the best organic ginger beer, tree ripened organic feijoas, heritage plums from Hawks Bay or the sweetest mandarins from the orchards of Gisborne.

Passion & Perfection:
We’re passionate perfectionists. We work hard to continuously refine our recipes until they are just right. What’s really important to us is creating something that delights our customers and teases the imagination.