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Contact information

Email or call Graham directly or pop in to see us at our Gelateria or Shop; we'd love to hear from you.

Phone: +64 (0)4 385 9313
Email: info@gelissimo.co.nz

Gelissimo Gelateria
Taranaki Wharf , 11 Cable Street, Wellington City

Gelissimo Gelateria is located in the New Zealand Stock Exchange building in the Wellington CBD. This is the heart of Gelissimo and our creative hub.

Visit us and give your tastebuds an experience they'll never forget! Beautiful gelato created with the wonderful Organic Milk, and some of the best ingredients this country of ours has to offer. There's always something new to try in our display.

We love to share our passion for creativity and hope our visitors can share their ideas for flavours with us - believe me, we listen to all our customers and think about making every single one!

Gelissimo Freyberg
139 Oriental Parade, Wellington

You can't beat Wellington on a good day and you simply can't beat visiting Gelissimo@Freyberg on a good day!

Gelissimo@Freyberg sits right on the sands and playground of Freyberg Beach , looking out to the harbour and our beautiful city. This is the best little beach and playground in town. A short stroll from the CBD with plenty of facilities for swimming, training, playing or just plain relaxing.

Rest, relax and roll in the sea. Let us scoop you a delicious Gelissimo Gelato - there's always a changing range of flavours and a decent size scoop. Or let us make you a classic kiwi Toastie Sandwich to snack on. We serve the fabulous Wellington boutique Hardieboys beverages and Immigrant's Son coffee and a wonderful range of local sodas.

Being on the beach, we're open everyday the sun and weather allows us to be. Come down and enjoy the beach and sea with us!

Gelissimo Gelateria, NZX Centre On Taranaki Wharf, 11 Cable Street, Wellington
Gelissimo @ Freyberg, Freyberg Beach, 153 Oriental Parade, Wellington