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Our Gelato and Sorbetto

Gelato by Design

This is what we really love to do!

Sharing our passion for gelato means that many of our customers come to us with their own ideas for flavours or work with us to find the right match for a particular dish, occasion or event.

A large part of our business is creating and supplying bespoke gelato to the wholesale hospitality sector. It’s our pleasure to design with you and we can provide wholesale and catering gelato in small and large quantities.

Take-home & single-serve tubs:

10 of our popular flavours are avilable in a range of attractive 900ml and 180ml prefilled tubs using our original recipes.

Dark Chocolate
Italian Hokey
Vanilla Bean

Our Gelato is 80%+ organic milk, Gluten-free, Egg-free, Low fat

Hardieboys Ginger Beer *
Hardieboys Lime*
Hardieboys Lemonade*

Our Sorbetto is Gluten-free, Dairy & egg-free, 99% fat-free

*available in 900ml tub only.

Low fat & virtually no fat Gluten-free too!
Our gelato contains 3-6% fat compared to ice-cream at 10-20%
Our sorbetto is 99% fat-free, and dairy-free
Nearly all our products are egg-free and gluten-free too!

Excellent product stability & shelf-life
Gelato is denser and richer than ice cream. There is only 5-10% or less air in our gelato, compared with ice cream which contain at 50%-60%. This means gelato typically has a much greater flavour intensity and outstanding tolerance to thermal shock. Less air means slower melting which means customers can rest assure they can get their Gelissimo Gelato home or to parties with less chance of melting and refreezing icy like ice cream might.

Unlimited Flavours
The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to gelato!
We have a very long and ever-changing list of flavours.
If you don’t see what you like, just ask!

Gelissimo Gelateria, NZX Centre On Taranaki Wharf, 11 Cable Street, Wellington
Gelissimo @ Freyberg, Freyberg Beach, 153 Oriental Parade, Wellington